My name is Øyvind Lien. I’m a Norwegian Illustrator & Artist with 7 years of experience working in video games and visualization. In 2009 I got my Bachelor of Computer Graphics from Luleå University of Technology.

Since then I have been working both freelance and in-house as a 2D/3D generalist on PC and mobile games, created cover art, designs for magazines and Concept Art & Illustrations for games. More details and credentials are available upon request.

My main skills are Visual Development, Illustration and Concept Art. Working as a generalist for many years has also granted me strong overall knowledge of workflow, technology and the creative process. My main tool is Photoshop. But I'm also proficient in Maya, 3D Coat, Keyshot, Premiere, Illustrator and Lightroom. I also know the basics of After Effects, Marmoset Toolbag and Unity 3D.

As an artist I like to explore styles, experiment and push the quality of my work. I enjoy trying different mediums, developing my understanding of art and design foundations, while exploring and learning new tools and techniques.

I have a professional attitude and ethics, focusing on solving the design tasks with simplicity, efficiency and functionality. Respecting the deadline, and always following the clients needs and wishes.


For commission or freelance enquiries I can be reached at